NATO SFA COE joined the 2022 ICD&E conference

The International Concept Development and Experimentation (ICD&E) conference was held from the 25-27 October 2022 in Budapest, Hungary hosted by the Hungarian Defence Forces Command.

More than 300 delegates from about 30 nations attended the conference including representatives from NATO and Alliance Nations, NATO partners, as well as from industry and academia.

The ICD&E conference is the Allied Command Transformation’s annual forum that provides a unique opportunity for the ICD&E community and stakeholders to discuss new and emerging topics on NATO efforts towards the future, concerning the concept development and experimentation field.

During the event, the COE provided SME’s on SFA-related doctrine and implications at the operational level. The activity was part of a wider set of discussions and presentations split into panels, aimed at raising awareness and generating a common vision on the near future NATO concepts. The NATO SFA COE delegation gave its support during the syndicate groups on how CD&E contributes to the Alliance Warfare Development Agenda in the framework of the new NATO Strategic Concept. Finally, the delegation illustrated the main activities and products of the NATO SFA COE during the mini-expo promoting CD&E initiatives in favour of representatives from throughout NATO and Alliance Nations, NATO partners, as well as industry and academia.

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