ESDC Steering Committee

September 30, 2022 Available: 0

ESDC Steering Committee

On the 30th of September 2022 the ESDC Steering Committee decided to accept the NATO SFA COE as an Associated Network Partner of the ESDC following the presentation that was held on the 8th of September by the representatives of the NATO SFA COE to brief the Executive Academic Board on their organisation, planned projects and potential thematic areas for courses to be run together with the ESDC. 

This is another effort to strengthen the partnership between a NATO accredited COE and the ESDC. In fact, as highlighted in the EU Strategic Compass and the NATO Strategic Concept, by cooperating, the EU and NATO can use their resources and expertise to address a range of security challenges inside and outside the European continent. 

Moreover, reinforcing the strategic partnership between the EU and NATO also means reinforcing the transatlantic bond and enhancing the European contribution to transatlantic burden sharing. 

In these difficult historical times, only a major reinforcement of the strategic partnership between the EU and NATO could positively contribute to global security.

Through this new collaboration, the NATO SFA COE is ready to contribute to these new challenges.


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