46th Roundtable on Current Issues of International Humanitarian Law in Sanremo

On the 14th and 15th of September 2023, in co-operation with the International Committee of the Red Cross, the International Institute of Humanitarian Law held a Roundtable on Current issues of International Humanitarian Law. The Roundtable focused on “Strengthening IHL compliance: the conduct of hostilities, the protection of essential services and humanitarian assistance in contemporary armed conflict”.

Bringing together 22 high-level international experts and practitioners and 6 chairs representing universities, institutes and multilateral bodies, who addressed timely and relevant topic and contributed to the development of a more institutionalized framework to improve the effectiveness of IHL, the Roundtable was divided into sessions. The aforementioned experts shared their presentations of relevant topics on provisions to protect essential services and humanitarian assistance in contemporary conflicts. The NATO SFA COE Legal Advisor, Major Ludovica Glorioso, gave a speech in which she emphasized the challenges of the current conflicts and the need for understanding this new phenomenon for IHL compliance in the conduct of military operations. She noted the importance of the cooperation of NATO SFA COE and SHAPE Office of Legal Affairs, particularly as regards an agreement signed for the new editorial project entitled Stabilization and Reconstruction in a post-conflict environment, presented last July (Roundtable on the “Stabilization and Reconstruction in a Post-Conflict Environment” publication - NATO SFA COE ® % (nsfacoe.org). Along with that, she mentioned NATO SFA COE’s special issues July 2023 newsletter on the importance of the cooperation with Academia and International Organizations, as well as the Institute’s research and publications  nsfacoe.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/NEWSLETTER-Special-Issue-July-2023-NATO-SFA-COE-as-ACADEMIC-HUB-for-the-editorial-project-and-international-collaborations.pdf.

In general, the Roundtable evidenced how adapting humanitarian operations to address evolving needs during the different phases of a conflict is crucial.  NATO SFA COE is an important asset in developing new projects with the main stakeholders to ensure that the relevant provisions of IHL are respected.

Link to the IHL’s news on the Roundtable: 46th Sanremo Round Table - International Institute of Humanitarian Law (iihl.org)


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