November 12, 2020 Available: 30


Due to the current pandemic restrictions by the Italian Governmental Decree issued on the 18th of October, the course will be held in a virtual mode.

In order to allow overseas participants to follow the course with a live feed, the course program will be divided in a six day period: 9-10-11-12-16-17 November from 15:00 until 19:00 Local Italian time


The aim of the course is to improve the competency and effectiveness of SFA operators working in current and future missions and security related capacity-building. The course enhances the practical understanding and application of NATO SFA operators working as part of a comprehensive and integrated approach. Course participants will be able to perform Security Force Assistance by advising, mentoring or training in order to improve the performance of designated actors.


This NATO SELECTED course satisfies NATO performance gaps identified within the Military Contribution to Peace Support Discipline throughout the System


Approach to Training process and represents a suitable training solution.

The course will have an on-line course as a pre-requisite: the ADL 362 “Introduction to SFA”, available on the NATO JADL platform (


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