NATO SFA COE E&T Branch participated in the 5th virtual Annual Military Contribution to Peace Support Discipline Conference

The 5th Annual Discipline Conference (ADC) of NATO Military Contribution to Peace Support (MC2PS) hosted by the Finnish Defence Forces International Centre was carried out under the guidance of the Headquarters Supreme Allied Commander Transformation / Joint Force Developer (HQ SACT JFD).

The Conference was held in a Virtual mode due to the current pandemic restrictions and was structured in two different parts: a plenary session with the whole Community of Interest (COI) and a working group phase.

Among the participants there were representatives from the key organizations and stakeholders responsible for Peace Support and Peacekeeping operations, the research institutions and education and training providers.

The purpose was to review the status of the “Military Contribution to Peace Support” Discipline and further develop the Education and Training opportunities currently available for NATO members and partners.

The NATO SFA COE E&T Subject Matter Experts illustrated the SFA Cluster Training Landscape and, starting from the training needs, they explained how the COE identified training solutions that satisfy performance gaps identified by the Alliance.

In particular, they illustrated the ADL 362 “Introduction to SFA” course and the SFA Operators course, both organized by the Centre of Excellence.

The first course explains how the Security Force Assistance Concept (MCM-0034-2014) has been originated in NATO and how SFA is defined by the reference of NATO publication, the AJP 3.16 - Allied Joint Doctrine for Security Force Assistance.

The second aims to improve the competency and effectiveness of SFA operators working in current and future missions and security-related capacity building as advisors, mentors and trainers.

The NATO SFA COE Education and Training Branch proposed a further project to close new gaps identified in the specific SFA training landscape. The idea is to plan, organize and deliver a “Seminar for Institutional Advisors” for personnel selected to be deployed as Institutional Advisors in the Security Sector Reform area in the context of capacity building activities.

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