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From the 12th to 21st of April, the NATO Security Force Assistance Centre of Excellence (NATO SFA COE) interviewed personnel belonging to the US Security Force Assistance Command and to the five SFA Brigades.

This activity is an integral part of the wider NATO SFA COE project on defining the SFA Operator’s profile, which aims to outline the human and professional requirements, psychological traits and skills of SFA Trainers/Mentors/Advisers so that they can effectively operate in any environment and at any operational level.

In this phase of the project, the staff of the Centre is collecting experiential data through the use of surveys, individual interviews and focus groups with personnel who have served in SFA activities in various operating theatres.

As an integral part of the Centre's team, in support of the project, a psychologist from the Office of Military Psychology and Psychiatry of the Italian Army General Staff also participated in the interview, to be able to analyse in further detail the psychological traits of the future SFA operators.

The interviewees were selected from SFA specialized organizations of the United States Army, it was a unique occasion to capture the experience of highly selected and trained operators appointed in units created to provide SFA. The huge amount of data collected will surely identify a cornerstone in modelling the SFA operator profile.

The end goal will be to create, as part of a broader vision of "Human Capital", common and standardized procedures in selecting and educating the SFA Operators (Advisors, Mentors and Trainers), based on a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach for the benefit of the entire NATO community and its partners.

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