NATO SFA COE participated in the wargame for the IFC Concept

On the period 13th-15th of April, the NATO Security Force Assistance Centre of Excellence (NATO SFA COE) had the opportunity to participate in a Research Wargame in the framework of a wider initiative - approved by the Military Committee – aimed at developing a NATO Intermediate Force Capability (IFC) Concept.


With the 2021 Concept Development and Experimentation (CD&E) Programme of Work, the Military Committee approved an initiative to develop a NATO Intermediate Force Capabilities (IFC) Concept. IFC is the capability basket comprising means beyond Presence and below Lethal Forces.


The IFC associated experimentation is being done in the form of a wargaming.

The Land Wargame includes a Tactical Kriegspiel that examines NATO/Host Nation and Adversary/Proxy small unit during actions and their outcomes (including the ability to manage the escalation/de-escalation, to mitigate collateral damage risks, and to protect the civilians in line with stated objectives). All the outcomes are combined with a Strategic Matrix Game that examines the implications and the opportunities across the Military, Diplomatic, Information, and Economic instruments of power.

In particular, the aim of the wargame was to identify whether and how the use of non-lethal equipment at the tactical level could generate desired effects at the operational and strategic level of a military Campaign. NATO SFA COE took part in the activity to understand and enhance the ability to implement SFA activities in a complex environment and across the continuum of conflict.

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