NATO SFA COE joined the NATO Intelligence Enterprise second annual meeting

NATO SFA COE joined the second annual meeting of the Intelligence and Security related Centres of Excellence (COEs) organized by the Joint Intelligence and Security Division of the NATO International Staff with the NATO Intelligence Enterprise (NIE) to deepen the cooperation among those entities and to reinvigorate and further strengthen the link between the NIE and relevant COEs.


The event consisted of two parts:

-   a plenary session at which all COEs were invited to prepare a brief introduction on the COEs and how their work relates to Intelligence and Security;

-   a discussion session in break-out rooms to discuss two guiding questions:

·     How do COEs support the NIE through Education & Training? What is their expertise in relation to Intelligence and Security? Can they offer tailored training and education?

·     Are there Education & Training activities related to Intelligence and Security for which COEs require support?


The NATO SFA COE representative pointed out that the NATO SFA COE is focussed on Intelligence and Security related issues such as analysis, linkages and assessment, which are training modules of the “SFA Operators course”. Furthermore, the importance of the human environment surrounding the role of SFA Operators (advisors, mentors and trainers) was stressed; the SFA Operators effectively act as “social sensors” concerning the situation on the field in the assisted nation.

The meeting was a great occasion not only to highlight the work of NATO SFA COE within Intelligence and Security, but also to show its importance within the NATO community by sharing expertise and training solutions.

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