NATO Centres of Excellence Directors’ Conference, Vicenza, 3-6 October 2021

From 3-6 October 2021, NATO SFA COE Director participated in the Centre for Excellence (CoE) Directors’ Conference chaired by the NATO Stability Policing (NSP) CoE Director in Vicenza, ITA.

The first day of the conference opened with a series of addresses from representatives at the national, regional and civic level, and orientating briefings from representatives from NATO HQ, SHAPE and HQ SACT, as well as focused briefs from several CoEs. The first day was also an opportunity for the moderator to set the scene and to introduce the work for the upcoming days.

The second day comprised the working portion of the conference, constructed around the idea of a collective Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) appreciation of the CoE enterprise. The outputs of the appreciation and first impression analysis were discussed on the third day, culminating in a series of recommendations to take the outputs forward.

Academics and brainstorming sessions among all the COE Directors emphasized that, in the rapidly evolving security environment, all organizations including CoEs must re-examine their roles in order to maintain relevance and to serve their customers best. Outcomes of the conference will be the basis for consolidating improvements and further reforms.

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