Military Contribution to Peace Support (MC2PS) 6th Annual Discipline Conference

NATO SFA COE representatives (the Director, Education and Training, Analysis and Lessons Learned Branches) joined the 6th Annual Discipline Conference within the Military Contribution to Peace Support (MC2PS).

The purpose of the conference was to review the MC2PS Discipline status and further develop MC2PS Education and Training opportunities; to bring together key organizations and stakeholders in order to facilitate collective support within the Community; and to summarize the work of the four MC2PS clusters and related communities of interest. 

NATO SFA COE has the chair of one of the above-mentioned clusters, the "Security Force Assistance" one, so it is responsible to scope training and education gaps, searching for suitable solutions. In the past three years in supporting this Discipline, the Centre analysed and developed different solutions (seminars and courses), now certified solutions (SELECTED) available to the Alliance.

NATO SFA COE representatives gave a presentation in which they explained to the Community of Interest the Centre’s vision, mission and line of efforts and shared the main challenges, such as: the SFA Operator’s profile project and the training and education pipeline of the Centre, both in supporting NATO efforts in projecting stability and defence and related security capacity building missions.              


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