NATO SFA COE joined in the post conflict rebuilding Seminar 2022, part of the NATO DEEP initiative

NATO SFA COE representatives (Doctrine Development and Doctrine Branch and the Analysis and Lessons Learned Branch) joined in a seminar with other NATO Defence Education Enhancement Program (DEEP) Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), at the Tunisian War College in Tunisia, from 15 to 18 February 2022.

The DEEP program aims to develop close cooperation with the Tunisian War College under the auspices of the Ministry of National Defence, where the Alliance advises Tunisia on how to build, develop and reform educational institutions in the defence and military domain in the form of a peer-to-peer conversation.

For 2022, with the consensus of NATO HQ, the group of DEEP SMEs composed of Italian Army Post Conflict Operations Study Centre (PCOSC), the NATO Security Force Assistance Centre of Excellence (NATO SFA COE), and the NATO Stability Policing Centre of Excellence (NATO SP COE), delivered a common Post Conflict Rebuilding (PCR) seminar in which Stabilization & Reconstruction (S&R), Security, Sector, Reform (SSR), Stability Policing (SP) and Security Force Assistance (SFA) modules, allowed participants to develop an overarching and more complete picture of complex post-conflict scenarios. This joint seminar allowed DEEP SMEs to conceive an exercise in which students could apply SSR, SFA, and SP concepts to a fictional scenario to close the gap between theory and practice.  

Within NATO DEEP in Tunisia, the NATO SFA COE focused on the SFA framework, explaining the vision and mission of the SFA in terms of “assisting a HN in developing a sustainable capability, enabling Security Local Forces against threats to build stability and security” and in supporting NATO efforts in projecting stability, defence and related security capacity building missions”.


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