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“Insights on Strategic Advising for Security Force Assistance”


On the 11th of July 2022, NATO SFA COE will present its second publication titled “Insights on Strategic Advising for Security Force Assistance” prepared by the International Group of Experts and aimed at defining the behaviours, best practices, and training methods for SFA operators engaging in complex scenarios, while preserving a comprehensive approach.

The aim of the event is to bring together organizations that have an interest in the advising context and enabling the experts to share challenges, insights, existing programs and policies.

The contents will focus on understanding the advising context for capacity building in missions, insights on training Advisors, planning capacity building initiatives, the identification of any divergence from planned outcomes, the U.S. Government approach to building institutional capacity and the challenges not yet addressed from the field.

The event will be hosted by the ITA Defence Officers Club, Via XX Settembre 2, 00100, Rome.


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