Institutional Adviser course 2022

November 18, 2022 Available: 0

Institutional Adviser course 2022

This “NATO Selected” course satisfies NATO performance gaps identified within Military Contribution to Peace Support Discipline throughout the System Approach to Training process and represents a suitable training solution aligned with performance gaps.

The aim of the course is to contribute to meeting the need for sustained and standardized professional development of Allied and Partner military and civilian personnel to conduct stability activities. Advanced tenets of institutional advising are integrated into the course education curriculum. Multinational personnel serving as Institutional Advisers will be more capable to provide advice supporting the sustainable development of a counterpart’s national security force.

The course has been planned as a blended learning solution. It starts with a distance learning period, with self-study assignments that are obligatory, followed by a residential part that is composed by a series of modules provided by Subject Matter Experts coming from the international community.


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